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Lokesh Garg
Lokesh Garg



Active Years

July 1, 1980, Kosi Kalan, Mathura, India
  • Singer
  • Composer
  • Actor
  • Music Producer
  • Entrepreneur



Lokesh Garg[1] (born July 1, 1980) is an Indian singer, composer, actor, music producer, and entrepreneur known for his contributions to Indian music. He has made a significant impact in the music industry through his versatile talent and has garnered a large following. Apart from his creative pursuits, Lokesh is actively involved in the family-owned business called Ok Tea, Kamlesh Tea Estate Pvt. Ltd[2]

Early Life and Beginnings

Lokesh Garg was born in Kosi Kalan, Mathura, India, and later relocated to Delhi with his family. His journey in the music industry commenced in 2011 when he began singing devotional music. He quickly gained recognition for his unique voice and subsequently transitioned to pop music.[3]

Professional Career

Lokesh Garg has established himself as a prominent figure in the music industry, particularly in devotional songs, bhajans, and Hindi music. His works have been released on T-Series and his personal YouTube channel, where he has amassed a considerable following. In addition to his musical endeavors, Lokesh has ventured into acting and is set to showcase his talent in an upcoming film.[4]

Logo Of Day And Days
Logo Of Day N Days

In the realm of film production, Lokesh is the driving force behind Day N Day’s Films and Entertainment. This venture not only showcases his own talent but also provides a platform for other individuals in the industry.

Notable Works

Lokesh Garg has released several popular pop songs, including "Tu Hi Wajood," "Peete Peete," "Khair Khabar," and "Ruk Ruk," which have garnered millions of views. In addition to pop songs, he has delivered notable devotional hits such as "Ye Maa Hoti Hai," "Teri Surat Ne Sanwariya," and "Ghar Ram Aane Wale Hain."

Personal Life

Lokesh Garg was born to D.P. Garg and Kamlesh Garg in 1980. His spouse, Neeru Garg, plays an integral role in his life, providing support and companionship. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree from Agra University.[5][6]

Business Ventures

Lokesh actively contributes to the family’s tea business and holds a managerial position at Kamlesh Tea Estate Pvt. Ltd. Additionally, he is the proprietor of Kamlesh Multi Estate ,demonstrating his involvement in various business endeavours.

Over the years, Lokesh Garg has emerged as a prominent figure in the Indian entertainment and business industries.[7]


Year Album Ref
2017 Tu Hi Wajood [8]
2017 Damdaar Boy [9]
2018 Ruk Ruk [10]
2024 Ghar Ram Aane Wale Ha [11]
2024 Peete Peete [12]
2024 We Love You Modi Ji [13]


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